Hello all! We’re excited to share that Laura has a new audio short story available today called TO BEGIN THE WORLD AGAIN which tells the story of Thomas Jefferson’s writing of the Declaration of Independence during the summer of 1776 – and it is FREE this weekend only! It is beautifully and movingly narrated by Bradford Hastings and we think you’ll really enjoy it!

This story about the heady, intense, and momentous summer of 1776. Thomas Jefferson was just 33, one of the youngest members of the Second Continental Congress. He was appointed to a committee tasked with drafting a document to declare that the American colonies were to be free and independent states–absolved from all allegiance to the British crown. To Begin the World Again invites you to step inside the story of the creation of a document that would shape not only America’s history, but that of the world. And for those of you who have read America’s First Daughter, yes! Patsy is mentioned in the story–she was not quite four years old at the time!

It was written for the Bardeum app, which is publishing historical fiction stories to enhance visitors’ experience while visiting historical sites around the world – but you don’t have to be at the site to listen! You just need the app on your device!




Google Play/Android

Just in time for Memorial Day, six new stories released on the app celebrating the Washington, D.C. monuments. My story is part of the Jefferson Memorial experience, and there are also stories related to the WWII Memorial, FDR Memorial, Washington Monument, the Korean War Memorial, and the Vietnam Memorial–and they’re ALL FREE for through the Memorial Day weekend, so go download the app now and listen to them all! It’s easy and fun!


Laura really enjoyed writing this story so please let us know if you listen!